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Many snakes can be found in the wild. But please don't take more than you can care for or harm them as they are a vital part of the food chain and rodent control. Some make wonderful pets, some don't, but either way they are interesting to observe and find in the wild. Check your local laws before taking any    and never harass or pick up venomous snakes without knowing how to do so properly to avoid harm to yourself and the snake.  If looking for them in the field, please be careful not to "harm" the places they are found. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions reguarding snakes and if I don't know the answer. I'll ask someone who does know. 


Please click here  Fundad@kingsnake.org tto email me if you have any questions.

Land Owners please read= If you own land with snakes that are found on it, please feel free to ask what you can do to help do your part by preserving habitat and land management ways that support snake populations forever.. Habitat destruction with the bulldozer and the plow is the biggest threat for snakes. You can do your part to help support your very own population of native reptiles. Again please ask if you have questions and if I don't know the answer, I'll ask someone that does. Any and all advice is given freely without question or cost. Thanks.